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Hockey Programs

iPlayHockey is pleased to partner with *Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers. who will offer one of the most affordable hockey insurance options as part of our Membership Program.

Membership Program Key Highlights (Youth/Adult):

$5 million general liability

Certificate of Insurance including the arena, municipality and sponsors as additional insured

Coverage extends to volunteers inclusive of timekeepers, coaches, trainers, etc. who are directly connected to the group

Includes Host Liquor Liability

Free team websites

Access to skills and drill videos

FREE Hockey Pool with great prizes

For adult groups, the insurance also offers:

Permanent and Total Disability


Accidental Para-Medical Expense Reimbursement Benefit

$10,000 ($500 Chiro / Physio)

Accidental Dental Expense Reimbursement (with full facial protection & mouthguard)


Accidental Dental Expense Reimbursement (with 1/2 facial protection & mouthgaurd)


Rehabilitation Benefit (within 2 years)


Repatriation Benefit (50km)


Prosthetic Appliance


Funeral Expense


Bereavement Benefit (within 1 year)


Fracture Benefit


Emergency Transportation (Taxi)


Vision Care


Psychological Therapy (within 2 years)


Tuition Fees (40 consecutive days - 14 Days Waiting Period

$20 / hr - Max. of $2,000

For program details contact Shawn Perrier at  1-888-361-1352.

*Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers
105 Main Street East
Hamilton, ON
L8N 1G6