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Hockey Pool Winners!

The National Hockey League season has come to an end, which means so has the iPlayHockey hockey pool for 2016-17.

Congratulations to our winner, Elmo's Bambinos, who really ran away with the top spot during the latter half of the season. He'll be receiving a $250 gift card to the shop!

In second place was Baters Boys, who was consistent all year and will receive an NHL GameCentre Live subscription for the duration of next season!

Holding down third place by just three points was BLACK DONNELLY, who wins an iPlayHockey hat, toque, jacket and bag!

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who participated this year. We won't be running a playoff pool this year but stay tuned for the 2017-18 regular season, as there's a good chance we'll be back with more great prizes!