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Three Ways to Stay Sharp This Summer

With NHL playoffs in season, pretty soon we’ll be in the hockey off-season, but that doesn’t mean you can take it easy. If you want to keep sharp and in shape for next season, there are a number of summer activities you can do to help out. Here are three activities you can do this summer to keep you sharp and help build key skills for hockey players.

Tennis for hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and footwork - playing tennis requires great hand-eye coordination, the ability to react quickly to changes in direction of the ball, and fast movements. You’ll get to work on your footwork, your reflexes, and following through on your shot – which are all great skills for a hockey player.

Biking for conditioning and stamina - Biking is a great way to build stamina, as you can adjust the resistance as you’re riding. It elevates your cardio vascular output during sprints, and also builds your leg strength – something that’s absolutely key for skating.

Rollerblading for balance and speed - Rollerblading is the next best thing to being on the ice, and can help you build your leg power. It’s a safer way to build your confidence with speed and swiftness, and acts as a way to increase your balance and your leg control.

Keeping active in the summer isn’t hard, and it can go a long way to being in prime condition for the next season. Of course, nothing beats the actual thing; sign up for a summer camp or summer league to avoid any downtime at all. Get to work this summer!