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The Benefits of Good Practice

Yes, there are some days where we definitely don't feel like going to practice. Your kids want to stay home, building snow forts, going toboggoning and drinking hot chocolate. You want to stay home, relaxing by the fireplace with your wife, watching as many sports as you can get away with.

Although it's tough, you load up the car and head to hockey practice - while you originally didn't think you wanted to go, you'll always be glad you went. The benefits of practice are tenfold.

  • Increased self-confidence for your kids - they feel as if they improved themselves during practice and are leaving the rink better than when they showed up
  • Developing life skills - Repeated practice shows us that our hard work pays off, and that if we put the time and effort into something, we are bound to see results
  • Allows us to pinpoint our flaws and improve on them - Practice is where you can work on your biggest flaws as a team or as an individual; it is more beneficial than simply watching game film because you had to engrain the new ideas, strategies, and habits into your mind
  • Bonding time - Lastly, you get to spend more time with your kid. Buy him or her a snack after a solid effort and practice and tell them how proud of them you are. Your kid will be thrilled.

Show up to practice and bring your absolute best - we know you won't regret it.