iPlayHockey is pleased to partner with Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers who offer one of the most affordable hockey insurance options as part of our Membership Program.

Membership Program Highlights (Youth/Adult):

  • $5 million general liability
  • Certificate of Insurance including the arena, municipality and sponsors as additional insured
  • Coverage extends to volunteers inclusive of timekeepers, coaches, trainers, etc. who are directly connected to the group
  • Includes Host Liquor Liability
  • Free team websites
  • Access to skills and drill videos
  • Free Hockey Pool with great prizes!

Permanent and Total Disability


Accidental Para-Medical Expense Reimbursement Benefit

$10,000 ($500 Chiro / Physio)

Accidental Dental Expense Reimbursement (with full facial protection & mouthguard)


Accidental Dental Expense Reimbursement (with 1/2 facial protection & mouthgaurd)


Rehabilitation Benefit (within 2 years)


Repatriation Benefit (50km)


Prosthetic Appliance


Funeral Expense


Bereavement Benefit (within 1 year)


Fracture Benefit


Emergency Transportation (Taxi)


Vision Care


Psychological Therapy (within 2 years)


Tuition Fees (40 consecutive days - 14 Days Waiting Period

$20 / hr - Max. of $2,000

Spring Non-Contact Team Insurance (Coverage runs April 1st to Aug 31st*) = $225/team (tax included)

One of the many services and resources we offer as part of your membership includes keeping the team and your players safe with Hockey Insurance!

Our hockey insurance provides your team with the following benefits:

  • $5 Million Liability Insurance with Certificate of Insurance
  • Naming Additional Insured: Municipality and facilities included on certificate of insurance.
  • Player on Player and team staff liability coverage
  • *Year-round coverage also available, contact for details.

This policy is for Canadian and US coverage only, overseas insurance packages available upon request.

If you have had an accident while playing hockey and you are an iPlayHockey Member, you will need to submit the Sport Accident Claim Form within 90 days of the accident to the iPlayHockey Office. Coverage is in place providing members have been seen by a doctor or dentist within 30 days from their date of injury.

Once iPlaysHockey's claims representative has received your Sport Accident Claim Form along with your receipts, your file will remain open for 52 weeks from the date of your injury. Continue to collect and send us your receipts which can be faxed or mailed to the iPlayHockey office. Expect a 2 – 3 week turn-around time for all claims to be processed. If the information on this form is incomplete, there may be a delay in processing your claim.

Important - all original documents must be submitted with the Sport Accident Claim Form or it cannot be processed.

iPlayHockey's Insurance Coverage acts as either your primary or secondary coverage. If you currently have primary coverage with your employer, your spouse’s employer, or another insurance company you must submit all receipts to them first and then subsequently to iPlayHockey, as iPlayHockey becomes your secondary provider, which provides the coverage for the remaining percentage that was not covered by the primary provider.

For program details, contact Shawn Perrier at info@iplayhockey.ca  or 1-888-361-1352.